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“The secret of business is to know something nobody else knows”A. Onasis

Ever-changing tax and labour law regulations force us to thorough and time-consuming analyzing of every act amendment. Entrusting our accounting office with your bookkeeping allows our Clients to minimize the time they focus on processing Tax Office and ZUS (Polish Social Insurance Office) settlements and returns. Therefore eliminating the risk of unprofessional accounting, which would result in severe and unexpected costs. We constantly keep our Clients posted about their companies’ financial condition and we provide all necessary information about tax and labour law regulation changes. All our services are covered under the General Liability Insurance Policy (OC).

With J&J Tax House your business benefits from:

  • Individual and committed approach to our Clients’ needs
  • Convenience and simplicity of online document flow management
  • Protection against unprofessional bookkeeping costs
  • Support and consultancy from reliable and experienced professionals
  • Saving time and money as a result of reducing employment costs
  • Access to the latest tax and bookkeeping financial solutions
  • High-quality services
  • Data confidentiality assurance

Experienced team

you can rely on

J&J Tax House was introduced to the accounting and tax services market in 2004, but we are continuously developing our professional experience since 1994.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide accounting services and solutions which support and simplify enterprise development.


We aim to ensure comfort and satisfaction to our Clients in order to allow them to focus on their strategy development and project growth.

Our team

J&J Tax House team members possess Accountant Certificates issued by the Ministry of Finance. These certificates guarantee that your company’s finances are maintained by competent professionals with wide expertise and practice.

Proven and reliable

accounting services

We offer end-to-end bookkeeping services enhanced with complete legal services and tax consultancy. Our services make running business activity easy from its very beginning. We constantly expand our service portfolio to raise the quality of our services.


  • Keeping business books
  • Keeping income and expense books
  • Income register for flat-rate personal income taxation
  • Registry evidence for VAT settlements
  • Fixed asset and equipment inventory preparation

Human resources

  • Payrolls
  • Employee payroll records
  • Employee personal income tax settlements
  • Central Statistical Office (GUS) reports
  • Human resources services


  • Tax and insurance expense reduction
  • Credit applications
  • Central Statistical Office (GUS) reports
  • Personal income tax returns (PIT: 28, 36, 37)
  • Business support and consulting —end-to-end support for both CIT and PIT payers
  • Documentation flow and registering companies within all ownership forms
  • Document flow management
  • Preparing financial reports
  • EU grant management

How we


Starting the cooperation

Should you be interested in our services, please contact us through telephone or e-mail to provide the data necessary to enter into the bookkeeping services agreement. Such agreement, as well as the required power of attorney, can be completed in our office or at the office of our Client. J&J Tax House will then file all required documents to the chosen Tax Office and Social Security Office (ZUS).

If you are planning to start business activity, please contact us so we could schedule an appointment and invite you to our office. Such meeting will be an opportunity to fill all the required tax forms and to choose the best form of taxation for your new business.

Document filing

After signing the bookkeeping services agreement the Client declares (by phone or e-mail) readiness to filing monthly accounting evidence (by the 15th day of each fiscal month).

Clients can issue the documents personally, during our office hours (10 a.m. – 3 p.m.), or have the documents collected from your company by our employee. We also use postal and courier services. Details are arranged by phone or IM system which help us to reduce both transport expenses and time. After preparing the tax return our consultants keep you informed about the financial results, Tax Office and Social Security Office (ZUS) bank transfers.

Online accounting

Try our online accounting services and save time — you don’t have to file paper copies of your documents. Our Clients can easily send scanned sale and purchase documents by e-mail. After processing them, all tax evidence documents (ledger, VAT registers, payrolls, tax return forms etc.) are sent to our Client in PDF format. Finally, the Client can print the records and file them to their source documents.

Document storage

Our Clients’ documents are safely stored and archived in our office. If it is required to store the documents in the Client’s office, we only acquire them temporarily for processing and tax return purposes. After finalizing the tax returns all accounting documents are securely returned to the Client. There is also the possibility to process all the accounting documents onsite, upon request. This optional service is available at additional costs.

Documentation is returned to the Client after closing of each fiscal year and presenting the annual statement.

Safety guarantee

Our office shall be solely and exclusively responsible for the reliability and accuracy of kept books and Clients’ financial statements filed to Tax Office and Social Security Office (ZUS). In the event of a Revenue Office audit of an establishment supported by J&J Tax House, our representative will act on behalf of the Client before the Tax Office and Social Security Office (ZUS). Our Client will be updated about the processing, termination and final results of Revenue Office verification.

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